Of Appreciations For America
posted: February 5, 2013

American Friends,

As the spread of fame for Olaf grows larger and Olaf is looked upon by great appreciation in the world of art, less and less time is made for communication with my friends in America.

The obligations of Olaf are many, but Olaf now takes the time out to send congratulations to the Americans who have sent the great black leader Obama back to his position of President.

In recognition of this great day for my American illustrators and artists, Olaf has created several moving and mindful depictions of the great  American leader which you will appreciate. As the symbol of peace, Olaf has reached deep into his Russian soul and carefully rendered the kind and loving unicorn to stand by your President .
With this careful depiction of the great American leader, Olaf moves you with a black and white painting which will show the contrast between dark and light in a skillful twist of analogy and deep meaning.

Once again, Olaf depicts the loving kindness of the unicorn to bring forth the deeper meanings.

Olaf pleases you yet again by depicting the unicorn and the great black leader as they confront and conquer the bear, which will be appreciated to symbolize the dark forces which confront all of man kind. Olaf takes great pride here in the black leaders buttocks area, which serves to focus the admiring eye towards the center and then outwards into the carefully crafted and moving composition.

Olaf regrets that time is short, the dark winter of St Petersburg and lack of recognition again from the Americas Illustration Society of New York, all of which makes Olaf fill with sadness at times, but Olaf will make all efforts to be a better freind to all the American artists who yearn for Olaf to share the great works.
Olaf leaves you with a potrayal of the conquering black leader, as he lifts the great sword of freedom over the lowly oppressors. With love and light, we see that Olaf depicts the unicorn once again as my artistic gift to all who Olaf is well loved by in the great country of America.

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dbb February 5, 2013
That unicorn is badass Olaf
St. Pete February 5, 2013
Is this for real?
fisher February 5, 2013
gladness is abundant with your return!
David Flaherty February 5, 2013
Nice kiester!
Jim Paillot February 5, 2013
Olaf, the Society Of Illustrators just wasn't ready for naked guys on unicorns. You are ahead of your time.
r February 5, 2013
Joe C February 5, 2013
Impressive work Olaf. However, I hope you are aware that an illustrator's career span is only 10 years.
Dale Stephanos February 5, 2013
Should have gone with antlers.
Steve Brodner February 5, 2013
Olaf, king of illustration, all here rejoicing at advent of new Nostril Art Movement.
THIBEAULT February 5, 2013
Olaf February 5, 2013
Olaf is determined that Olaf become even more Olaf. Please join Olaf at the Twitter @OlafArt
Ellen Weinstein February 5, 2013
That's who you are. I copied your images onto Tumblr without crediting you. You are a visionary.
fuchs February 7, 2013
so. much. win
charles b February 7, 2013
If you ever happen to draw a combination of an alligator and a panda bear, you might just find yourself with a motivated buyer
Tim Teebken February 7, 2013
I can't believe I never saw these posts before. Thank you, Olaf. You have made a bald man happy. My tears are tears of happiness, not because coffee squirted out of my nose.
HM February 12, 2013
I weep at the way in which you apply pigment to substrate.